I Am On a Mission To Improve Your Hair and Skin

Bloomfield Bath~Natural Body Care

Natural Skin

Going natural with the hair taught me a lot about my skin. So I set out on a mission to create and share natural skin care products with the world. Products ranging from soft and sensual to fun and fantastic!

Natural Hair

Once you go natural, you never go back! I could not believe how naive I was with the hair care products. Going natural and using simple ingredients...my hair has never been this full

Handmade Soap

Another love that I never knew existed! All of the ash and itchiness has left my skin for good, and I am not turning back! No more harsh store bought soap for me!


Being an Independent Consultant at Bloomfield Bath has allowed me the opportunity to use a product I believe in while earning money from it!

Why Bloomfield Bath

I must share the things that I love so much about Bloomfield Bath! These items are a part of my daily routine.

Sleek & Beautiful

Yep I Use The Soap Bar Daily!

This set consist of a handmade soap bar, a sugar scrub and a body cream...Yummy!
Sleek & Beautiful

Coconut Co~Wash and Conditioner

My curly hair loves the feel of these two! I use several times a week!
Sleek & Beautiful

Deep Treat

This is the best deep conditioner I have ever used! The peppermint is so soothing and tingling to my scalp!